Stevens is a journalist, posting regularly on health and alcohol issues for online news services and is a founding influencer at the world's largest medical portal, HealthTap. Stevens blends intensive evidence- based research, wit, journalistic objectivity, blunt personal dialogue and no-nonsense business perspective in his four award-winning health and addiction books. Among the numerous five-star reviews of his work, an AODA clinician called Stevens' work, “Among my clinical favorites.” A well-known interventionist gives a copy of Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud to all her clients. A reader also remarked of that title, “I've been sober 23 years. This is the best relapse book I've read.” "Scott is a remarkable guy with very solid, very heartfelt, and very well documented advice on next steps. The award-winning author of three books reports on alcohol in a way that many medical folk, including psychiatrists, do not. His is a combination of intellect mastery and raw tragedy. His is not a sob story, not a poor wretched me, but rather an impassioned and thoughtful look at alcohol’s lasting downstream damage to brain and body biology. He’s taking alcoholic biology on the road – with provocative trench insights." – Dr. Charles Parker, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, Board Certified in Psychiatry, author, and host of CoreBrain Journal. Stevens' work has appeared on CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC. His first two white papers made waves as the country begins what he calls “a shift in alcohol policy and public dialogue from what people think alcohol does FOR them to what it does TO them.” The first white paper is called “Six Signs the Next 10 Years For The Alcohol Biz Will Be Like The Last 20 For Tobacco.” The second was “How Others' Alcohol Use Became Your Business: Toxin-omics.” Both were exclusives in early 2016.