Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wojciech (Voytek) Gutowski Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wojciech (Voytek) Gutowski has a background in Mechanical Engineering (MSc in 1971) and Materials Science (PhD/1975) from Szczecin Technical University (currently ZUT) in Szczecin (Stettin) in Poland. He is full Professor at the University of Melbourne and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Applied Chemistry in Changchun), and formerly, a Chief Research Scientist, Fellow and Honorary Fellow at CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship in Melbourne/Australia and Visiting Professor at Kassel University in Germany. He works on multifunctional interphases and coatings for: (i) control of adhesion,(ii) electro-conductive interphases for non-conductive materials, and (iii) slip-coatings, super-hydrophobic and icephobic coatings, which found broad commercial applications in global automotive, aerospace, wind energy, energy storage & conversion, packaging, construction and wood products industries, e.g.: General Motors, Toyota, HuF, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyo Rubber, Boise Cascade, Masonite, Dulux, Vestas, Boeing, ASA, Australian Sustainable Hardwoods, etc. His scientific and engineering work has been broadly recognized by numerous international awards: (2015) Professorial Fellowship of Chinese Academy of Sciences, (2012) Eureka Prize/Aust, (2010) Victoria Science Prize/Aust, (2008) Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), (2000) International Plueddemann Prize (Dow Chemical/Dow Corning), (1998) Montell Global Innovation Award, (1998) Australian Technology Award. He is also a recipient of Military Medal and Nicolaus Copernicus Medal. He authored 111 patents, 2 books, 32 book chapters, 200+ journal publications, 80+ conference papers and is the current Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Automotive Composites, Composite Interfaces, Reviews of Adhesion and Invited Editor of Surface Innovations.