On December 31, I was born in Bucaramanga-Colombia and since my childhood I have been inclined towards the priestly life for which I went to the Yarumal Seminary to study, then I retired and validated my studies and became a Technical Bachelor, entering Avianca in 1961 studying at the School of Operations and Engineering, where I received courses in DC3-DC4, C46, L749, L1049, B720, B707 and then I went to Study Aeronautical Administration in Germany in 1968, later I flew in Aerocondor, Aircraft DC6, L188, CL44, B720, B707, A300 and in Arca DC8-62, enter Avianca SAM where I fly 727-100 and 200 and B707-300By 1976 I entered the Military University to study Law and I specialized in Space Law at the University of the Andes in 1983, since then I have served as Aeronautical and Engineering Professor. In 1983 he joined me as Professor of Aeronautical Law and Air Legislation of the Indo-American Corporation, Aviation Training Center, later in Aeronautical Engineering subjects. In 1994, he joined the Chair of Aeronautical Law at the Faculty of Airline Administration of the Universidad Polytechnic Grancolombiano, where he held the chair for twelve years. In 1996 he became a Founding Professor of the Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering of the University of San Buenaventura in Bogota, the oldest Higher Center in Colombia and the first University in Colombia with this specialty, where he ran the Chair of Introduction to Engineering, Aeronautics, aerodynamics, aeronautical design, aviation engines, and aeronautical legislation. In 2004 he became a tenured professor of Constitutional Law, Civil and Commercial Law and later Aeronautical Law at the Higher School of Administration, at the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, a Center specialized in Hotel Administration, Tourism and Commercial Aviation matters. By the end of 2004, it was linked to the Nueva Granada Military University and the Specialization in Aeronautical Administration was reformed with the Faculty of Economics, which in 2010 was added the Sidereal -Space part and we created the first postgraduate degree in that matter 2004-2014. Later as Prof. in the Superior School of War. Later, I finished my Master's Studies in Aeronautical and Space Law at the University of Malaga -Upe and received a PhD. D from the same University in 2017. Then with the Int University of Cambridge I did my Master's Degree in Aeronautical and Space Sciences, with a doctorate from the same University. To date I have written several legal Aero works, which can be found in the Newspaper Library of the Nueva Granada Military University