ACADEMIC Research Cooperation (2014) German Aerospace Center (DLR) / Institute of Space Systems (Bremen) Subject: Control Design of a Lander Demonstrator
Research Cooperation (2005) ZARM Centre of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (Bremem/Germany) - Subject: Identification of Drag-free Satelites.
Research Cooperation (1995) MAI Moscow Aviation Institute Subject: Statistical Analysis of Aerospace Vehicle Control Systems
Doctor of Science (1991) Title of Thesis: Adaptive Control of Missile Attitude.
Master of Science (1982) Title of Thesis: Steering of Cruise Missiles
Electronic Engineering Degree. (1978)
Senior Researcher of Space and Aeronautics Institute (Brazil) Head of Guidance and Control Group
Responsible for the design of the control system of the Brazilian Satellite Launcher (VLS program) which includes guidance, steering (TVC - movable nozzle), attitude control (cold gas system and liquid thrusters) and navigation systems (strap-down and gimbal). 35 years of experience in design, implementation and tests of control systems for sounding rockets and satellite launchers (solid fuel)
Manager of the project - inertial systems for aerospace applications, which produced an inertial platform (including navigation algorithm) for the VLS.
Published 21 papers in scientific journals and 146 papers presented in conferences and published in their proceedings
25 years teaching the following undergraduate courses:
Modeling and Simulation / Linear Systems Analysis / Linear Systems Automatic Control Dynamic Systems Controlled by Computer / Nonlinear Systems / Probability & Statistics
20 years teaching the following postgraduate courses:
Control Theory / Adaptive Control / Guidance and Control of Aerospace Vehicles
Oriented 20 master s dissertations and 7 doctoral theses
Adaptive Control Systems
Hardware in the loop Simulation
Aerospace Vehicle Navigation, Guidance and Control
High Performance Controller Algorithms