PhD in Mathematical Sciences, IM/UNAM. IINAMEI Director, Mathematics Research Centre in Mexico, 2015-present. Editor-in-Chief of Journals of Mathematics, in USA, and India, 2015-present. Member of various international committees of science. Reviewer of British journals of Mathematics and Physics in SCOPUS; Head of Research Department, GI-TESCHA. Numerous papers (more than 100) in mathematics and physics research journals, and author of several books of mathematics and physics. Recognized in East Europe, Asia, Arab continents. He has many theories, theorems, and math objects with his name. He has received various honors and awards (Doctorates Honoris Causa) by universities and NGOs, likewise GOs. He received the Doctor Honoris Causa in Education Philosophy and Peace Ambassador by ODAEE in Frankfurt, Germany. He is also a Czech Republic Mathematics Society distinguished member (JCFM). He has two post-doctorates in Cuba and Russia in mathematics. Many international awards and badges (more than 50) as Publons badge, SCOPUS, ZbMath, Thomsom Reuters, ORCID, Peace Ambassador and others. His biography has been published by different countries as Mexico, Spain, China, USA, Russia, Cuba, United Kingdom, where even has been honored through tribute in a British publishing house. In addition, he has undertaken advanced research in nanotechnology, aeronautics and electronics, microelectronics and spintronics. He is an author, reviewer and book editor in many publishing houses