Member Argentine Cardiology Federation
Member Argentina Medical Association AMA
Ex President Argentina Society of Aerospace Medicine
Ex Secretary IBEROAMERICAN Aerospace Medical Association
Honorary Member MEXICAN Aviation Medicine Association
Honorary Member BRAZILEAN Society of Aerospace Medicine
Emeritus Member Aerospace Medical Association. USA
Member Aerospace Human Factors Association. USA
Ex Member of International Academy of Aeroespace Medicine.
Founder and Director Postgraduate Course in Aerospace Medicine. UNLP
Founder and Director Institute of Aeronautic Medicine. SMQ. Quilmes. Argentina
Founder and President Scientific Committee in Aerospace Cardiology. F.A.C. Argentina.
Member of EURADOS WG11. (European Radiation Dosimetry), Vienna, Austria.
Director National Project of Cosmic Rays Dosimetry in Space, Aeronautic and Terrestrial levels. UNLP.
Co-Director Project of Cosmic Rays in Antarctic (CORA) in Collaboration with TURIN University, Italy.
Premio Investigacion de Rayos Cosmicos en la Aeronautica Civil. Sociedad Argentina de la Sanidad de las Fuerzas Armadas
BOOTHBY-EDWARDS AWARD Aerospace Medical Association. Chicago, Il. USA
Premio PROFFESOR DOCTOR MANUEL LITTER Argentine Society of Pharmacology. A.M.A. Bs. Aires, Argentina.
Designacion Ciudadano Ilustre de la Ciudad de La Plata