Professor Francesca Cura was born in 1958. Graduated in 1984. PhD in 1988 at Politecnico di Torino in Applied Mechanics. Professor of Machine Design since 2005. She participated in several European, national and regional research projects. Her research topics concern fatigue related phenomena of metallic materials and classical Machine Design topics, as Mechanical Transmissions (gears, bearings, splined couplings, lubrication phenomena). Her teaching activity involves academic courses, PhD dedicated courses and Master courses for Industries (Avio Aero GE and SKF Group).
She is member of the Italian association for working group GL UNI CT031/SC 05/GL 01 INGRANAGGI within the International Standards Organization (ISO). Since 2020, is member of the J-Tech staff at Politecnico di Torino. She published about 150 publications including scientific peer-reviewed papers and proceedings of international conferences (58 peer reviewed international journals indexed by Scopus).