Global Congress on

Astrophysics and Space Science

December 14-15, 2020 | Istanbul, Turkey

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Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline September 28, 2020
Early Bird Registration Deadline February 28, 2020
Standard Registration Deadline May 29, 2020
On-Spot Registrations Deadline December 14, 2020
Conference Overview

About Conference – Astrophysics and Space Science

Global Congress on Astrophysics and Space Science will be held from December, 14-15, 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey and will cover a wide range of issues on Astrophysics and Space Science while creating a global stage for exchanging latest research results and sharing cutting-edge research methods. 

Astrophysics-2020 covers different practical and theoretical aspects of these fields and provides a global platform for professionals to explore, promote and present their research results and development activities. The meeting further facilitates networking opportunities on a global scale among academic and industry professionals to enhance their career and business goals by exchanging ideas and focusing on new developments and innovations in astrophysics and space science.

The conference will include a series of inspiring and informative plenary talks from some of the most celebrated researchers in this field together with prompt keynote sessions, academic discussions, technical workshops, poster and oral presentations and social events aimed at promoting interactions between the participants and fostering new business and academic connections for further research.

It provides wonderful opportunities for young researchers to meet worldwide experts to learn new and unexplored dimensions in their field. Policy makers, members of research associations and business professionals will greatly improve their networking opportunities by attending this event and making lasting connections that enhance their academic and business goals. Attendees to this inspiring congress will be able to interact with high-level professionals from industry and academia which presents new possibilities to present their research and grow their professional network. We hope this conference will provide a great opportunity to introduce new participants to the fields of astrophysics and space science while highlighting new tools and innovative approaches.

We look forward to the honor of welcoming you to Astrophysics-2020 in Istanbul.


Conference Venue
  1. Astrophysics and Space Science
  2. Gravitational Physics
  3. Cosmology
  4. Optical Astronomy
  5. Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  6. Instrumentation
  7. Theoretical Astrophysics
  8. Interstellar Terrestrial Relations
  9. Planets, Comets, Asteroids & Dust
  10. High-Energy Astrophysics
  1. Cosmic Rays and Gamma Astronomy
  2. Earth-Moon System
  3. Magnetospheric Physics
  4. Life Sciences as Related to Space
  5. Neutrino Astronomy
  6. Plasma Physics
  7. Atomic and Molecular Astrophysics
  8. Scientific Instrumentation
  9. High Energy Physics
  10. Extragalactic Astronomy
  1. Planets Ionospheres & Magnetospheres
  2. Solar and Stellar Physics
  3. Astronomy
  4. Space Missions & Satellite
  5. Nuclear Astrophysics
  6. Heliospheric Physics
  7. Scientific Instrumentation
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Particle Astrophysics
  10. Astrochemistry and Astrobiology
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