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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Korea. The problems after modified radical mastectomy have various. They have a negative influence on the postoperative course and resulting in mortality. Therefore, proper care is required after mastectomy. ln this situation, the integrated information system will play important roles in preventing and treating breast cancer. For this purpose, the paper is to measure the effectiveness of the integrated information system adoption to prevent recurrence and metastasis of cancer after modified radical mastectomy. The data were surveyed a total of 258 patients who had been visited in general surgery at two general hospitals in the metropolitan area. The t-test was conducted over time to compare patients' health conditions before and after applying the integrated information system. The results of this study are as follows. Firstly, the experimental group was found to be significantly higher in immune systems than in control group(t=-3.97, p<.01). On the other hand, after applying the integrated information system, the experimental group has improved by 76.4-87.1% compared to the control group in health practice(p<.05). These positive changes were maintained and improved after three weeks of follow-up. Therefore, it is concluded that the integrated information system is effective in reducing recurrence and metastasis of cancer after mastectomy. Therefore, when we adopted the integrated information system, it will increase the usefulness and usability of the system and improve the quality of medical care by strengthening physical functions for mastectomy patients.


Seong-Ran Lee received the B.S. degree in consumer science from Seoul National University, Korea. She received the M.S. degree in health science from Seoul National University, Korea and her Ph.D. in the same major from Catholic Medical College in Seoul, Korea. Her present research interest is medical information, health science and medical engineering. Currently, she is a professor in the department of medical information at Kongju National University in Korea.

Seong-Ran Lee / Kongju National University, South Korea