Prof. Tullio Monetta is associate professor of the University of Naples "Federico II". The expertise of Prof. Tullio Monetta is related to the surface treatments of materials, the modifications and characterization of their surface properties, the design of innovative surface treatment and industrial facilities, the drafting and evaluation of research projects proposed by companies or public bodies and the coordination of research activities. In particular, Prof. Monetta, concerning his scientific activity, has studied the degradation of polymeric and metallic materials, the techniques industrially used to maintain their performance in relationship to the estimated life of the product. He has dealt with the study of problems related to corrosion and organic and inorganic coatings. He also studied surface treatment of materials with particular regard to the study of implantable biomedical devices and innovative surface modification techniques using cold plasma and electrochemical techniques. He studied the interactions between surface morphology and osseointegration. Particular emphasis has been placed on the study of porous titanium dioxide and titanium nanotubes and the growth of coatings containing calcium-phosphate compounds. He has been involved in the study and application of nanomaterials in the biomedical sector and the use of polydopamine on titanium and magnesium substrates. In the field of polymeric materials, it has gained considerable experience both in traditional and innovative processes. Concerning this latter aspect, it has designed industrial and online and off-line systems for increasing the surface tension of polyolefin films, for the sterilization of surgical devices and the aseptic packaging by using RF cold plasma. He studied the deposition of nanostructured films on materials and thin coatings with variable composition using vacuum techniques. Prof. Monetta was invited to conduct research at the Polytechnic University of New York. He had, prior to being hired, a multi-year collaboration with the University of Naples "Federico II", he also collaborated with: ITMC-CNR, IRTEMP-CNR, CSCP-CNR, INFM, Institute of Chemistry-University of Bari. Prof. Monetta participated in the drafting and coordinated the progress of some European research programs (BRITE, Horizon 2020). He coordinated activities related to the technology transfer program from University to Companies, the "Surface Treatments" line, within the Science and Technology Park of the Naples Metropolitan Area. He was Professor in Chemistry at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II and the Consortium Neptune and Corrosion and Protection of Materials at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cassino for years. Prof. Monetta authored about 160 publications in international scientific journals, books, national scientific journals, international congress events, 1 patent.