After a position as a research engineer with Dowell Schlumberger related to the application of polymers in oil well operations, he joined Grenoble University in 1990 and then UPPA in 2004. His research domain is concentrated on chemical modification of natural polymers and relations between their chemical structure, functional properties and their applications. In the last years his research activities were dedicated to physico-chemistry (interfacial properties) of amphiphilic polysaccharide solutions and polysaccharide-surfactant interactions, hydrogels and particularly their characterization and their specific applications (biomedical or cosmetics applications, wastewater treatments) and new “green processes” applied to bio-sourced materials (microwave irradiation as an example). He authored around 200 publications, 26 book chapters and 10 patents. He is member of advisory board of Cellulose Chemistry and Technology, Carbohydrate Polymers and has teaching activities in physico-chemistry and polymer science. In 2009 he was appointed "Doctor Honoris Causa" of the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" in Iasi (Romania) for his input in Natural Polymer Science.