Professor Jaleel Kareem Ahmed is a Professor of physical chemistry in college of Materials Engineering, Babylon University, Iraq. He was the Dean of the Institute of Foundry and Hammering (2002 – 2013). Dr. Ahmed has his expertise in Iron and steel Industry. He completed his PhD from Baghdad University and Martin Luther / Germany. I used red beet juice as scavenger for poisonous heavy metal ions and anticancer and detoxification of urea and uric acid from blood via urine system thus it helps kidney work. I have registered 8 patents with 40 published papers and 3 books. He is a reviewer in Jon Wily and Sons since 2016 USA and Editorial board Member of Science publishing Group 2015 USA, and a member in Encyclopedia of Chemistry Scientists 2012. In 2013 I was awarded Scientists Medal from Iraqi Government for my research "Using Chlorophyll as Gamma ray absorbent to protect Iraqi children from cancer”. In 2014 I became a member in Wh'o is Wh'o network. 2017 - 2018 Marquis Wh'o is Wh'o has selected me for their official Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award in America and in 2019 since 2016 I took a part with quality Star (QS) Global Academic Survey (QS World University Rankings USA). In 2018 I awarded honor certificate from International Human Rights for my researches activity.