Dr. Tetiana Zaichuk received her training as a biochemist in 1984 from Taras Shevchenko National University in Ukraine and in 1993 obtained a Ph.D from the Engelhard Institute of Molecular Biology in Russia. She did her postdoctoral training studying the tissue specific role of p53 in apoptosis induced by ionizing radiation at Insitut Andre Lwoff and Centre d’Etude Nucleares in France under mentorship of Dr. Evelyn May. In 2000, Tetiana started studying the transcriptional network and chromatin remodeling during pathological angiogenesis in the laboratory of Dr. Olga Volpert at Northwestern University, Chicago. In 2004, she became an Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University and together with breast surgeon Dr. Seema Khan focused her work on exploring opportunities for the development of alternative endocrine strategy for breast cancer detection and prevention. In recent years Tetiana have expanded her focus to using genome-wide high-throughput sequencing approaches to analyze the primary structure of chromatin. Tatiana is very interested in studying the effect of epigenetic modifications on the single molecule DNA mechanics and efficiency of chromatin assembly