Dr. Kokkarachedu Varaprasad PhD,MRSC. He is an Investigator at the Center for Advanced Polymer Research, Concepcion, Chile. He holds a PhD in Hydrogels in Polymer Science & Tech. He was the recipient of 3 International Postdoctoral Fellowships in Creighton University USA, Tshwane University of Technology SA and Universidad de Concepcion, Chile. During this period, he developed modern antibiotic and biomaterials. He has published over 110 articles, including, 2patents, 1 book, 20 book chapters, (one book proposal is accepted) with 29 h-index and more than 3241 citations and the recipient of 9 research grants (2 projects ranked as 1 and 4th). Member in several Societies. He guided for several students in biomaterials filed. His primary objective is to translate primary nano and polymer technology research results into improved patient care