Dr. Laura Chronopoulou was born in Rome on 28/03/1982. She obtained a second level degree in Chemistry, specializing in the chemistry of biological systems, from the University of Rome La Sapienza, on 25/05/2006, with full marks. She obtained a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Rome La Sapienza in December 2009, discussing the thesis: “Enzyme-polymeric nanoparticles bioconjugates: synthesis, characterization and biotechnological applications”. She has been working as a Post-Doc at the Chemistry Department of the University of Rome La Sapienza since March 2010, participating in several research projects, both national and international, including the H2020 RES URBIS project. She is the author of 43 publications, with an H-index of 19. She is a member of the reviewers board of Gels and of the editorial board of Micro, section Microscale Biology and Medicines. Her research interests include: micro and nanostructured biomaterials for biotechnological applications in medicine and agriculture, biosynthesis of injectable materials based on self-assembling peptides for applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery, innovative nanoprecipitation techniques and microfluidic reactors, green solvents for the selective extraction of bioactive molecules and biopolymers from plant materials or microbial cells.