Prof. Dr. Babak Khalili Hadad -Member of American association of University Professors, AAUP- graduated from Shiraz University of Sciences, in 1996, he received MSc. in Clinical and Applied Biochemistry from the Kerman University of Medical Sciences, in 1999 where he selected as the Head of Pharmaceutical Research Center and instructor of Biochemistry as an Academic member. After Ph.D. achievement in Biochemistry from Azad University he does his duty as a full time university professor. He served as the head of research and development, innovator and business consultant in biomedical related industries, as well. He is also editorial member of some journals. Until now he received a lot of national and international awards in invention of new Bio-medical techniques and health approaches. There are several conferences that he has the responsibilities of Chairman and/or the member of scientific board. In recent years he started to innovate, design and improve the medical industrial technology such as protection against corona related problems in Era of post Covid -19, wound healing, photodynamic therapy and so on. Several new technologies are ready to present by him to improve healthy life for human kind. His innovative methods and medical equipment are ready to present to medical world in collaboration with any university or medical companies that are interested in.