Delia M. Rata, Scientific Researcher 3rd degree at the Apollonia University from Iasi, Romania, with PhD degree in the field of Materials engineering. ORCID: H-Index = 7 I have experience in the preparation of drug delivery systems based on synthetic and natural polymers. The main areas of expertise are: the synthesis and characterization of cyclic anhydride-based copolymers; polymeric surface functionalization; chemical modification of polysaccharides (chitosan); synthesis and characterization of micro and nanocapsules based on natural (chitosan, gelatine) and synthetic copolymers as carriers for controlled/sustained drug release; hybrid particles polymer – magnetite with applications in drug delivery; study of the release of bioactive components from nano-structured matrices; hydrogels based on natural and synthetic polymers; in vitro biological testing (hemocompatibility, hemolysis, protein adsorption) of different type of biomaterials. The scientific experience gained until now is reflected by the publication of 12 articles in ISI journals, 3 book chapters, 2 papers published in conference proceedings, 3 papers published in BDI journals, responsible in 1 national project where Apollonia University is partner, project member in 8 research grants, and 32 scientific communications at international conferences.