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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is officially known as the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. There are many beautiful places to visit in Kuala Lumpur that has a charm of its own.  It is not only the global city but also the largest city of Malaysia.
The city is very well developed and well maintained by the authorities. It is one of the metropolitan cities of South Eastern Asia that is growing very rapidly. Kuala Lumpur is an industrial city that has economically developed to a great extent.
The city has its own beauty that provides both happiness and relaxation to the tourists. Tourism has developed a lot in Kuala Lumpur. It has received the 7th position in the most visited cities of the world. There are many places like the Batu caves, the strawberry field, Boh plantations, Lavender plantations of the Cameron Highlands that are the main Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions. 
People love to travel to this part of the world to see the wonders that man can create. Kuala Lumpur has the world’s tallest twin towers known as the Petronas twin towers. This city is an ideal destination for people who love to shop. Almost 10 of the largest shopping malls are present in Kuala Lumpur. 
The life at Kuala Lumpur is the most fascinating. There are many places that are recommended for the tourists to visit to get the actual essence of Kuala Lumpur. This is an amazing place to spend the holidays with near and loved ones. 
Some of the most famous eateries and restaurants serve the best continental and local food. The nightlife at Kuala Lumpur is worth watching. Apart from Kuala Lumpur is also famous for its spiritual essence, the Batu caves being one such example.

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