Viera Revajová and I was born 30.08.1959 in Eastern Slovakia. I attended University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice and graduated as DVM in 1985, later in 1998 I obtained the title PhD. I worked as a research worker at the Experimental Research Centre of the University of Veterinary Medicine from 1986-1995 and 1995-2000 at the Department of Pathological Anatomy. At this department I started with teaching Pathological anatomy from 2000 as lecturer and 2008 as associated professor. I have technical skills in biochemistry, haematology, immunology, but mainly necropsy and histology, as well as flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry in different kind of animals. I am author and co-author of 84 scientific publications in Current Contents journals with 430 citations. I was tutor of Slovak and foreign diploma works, rigorous and postgradual theses.