Antonio Pezone, PhD. Research fellow. In last 5 years, my research mainly focuses on the reading the epigenetic code, i.e. the changes of DNA methylation and chromatin. I started with the analysis of transcription initiation induced by nuclear hormone receptors (estrogens and retinoic acid). I decoded the structure of chromatin loops which are essential for initiation of transcription during my PhD at the University of Naples Federico II. Targeted DNA oxidation is essential for loop formation. I found that DNA oxidation is coupled to methylation and OHmethylation of dCs at enhancer-promoter and polyA of the transcribed gene. dC methylation linked to transcription is indeed extremely unstable, because the methylation is rapidly erased by repair enzymes. During this period I developed a novel tool to analyze stable and unstable methylation. I am able now to discriminate unstabletranscription linked methyl dCs from stable, permanent methylated dCs.