Vladimir Sergeevich BYSTROV – PhD, Dr. Habil. Phys. (University of Latvia, Riga), Dr.Sci. Phys.&Math. (Russian Academy of Sciences) since 1993 – has expertise in various fields of the Computational Molecular Modeling and Material Sciences: ferroelectrics polymer PVDF/PVDF-TrFE thin films, graphene/oxide graphene and composite nanomaterials; amino-acids nanocrystals, peptides nanotubes, hydroxyapatite, etc. Computational studies of nanostructures were made using various methods (ab initio, DFT, semi-empirical methods, molecular mechanics), molecular dynamics on the base of HyperChem, AIMPRO, VASP, etc. He is Head of Group for Computer Modeling of Nanostructures and Biosystems of IMPB-KIAM RAS.