• September 25-27, 2017 Valencia, spain
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Keynote Speakers


Javier Tejada

University of Barcelona, Spain

Title: Experiments on Quantum and Classical magnetization reversal process in nanomagnets


Sang H. Choi

NASA Langley Research Center, USA

Title: New Hybrid Bandgap Engineering: Rhombohedral Super-Hetero- Epitaxy Technology


Alejandro Perez-Rodriguez

University of Barcelona, Spain

Title: Raman scattering analysis of thin film chalcogenide solar cells: Methodologies for quantitative assessment of nanolayers and interfaces


Manijeh Razeghi

Northwestern University, USA

Title: The Wonder of Nanoengineering


YoungPak Lee

Hanyang University, Korea

Title: Electromagnetic Metamaterials and the Applications : Convergence between Condensed-matter Physics and Photonics