• August 13-14, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Medani P. Bhandari

Medani P. Bhandari

Akamai University

Research Title: Green Web-II- Standards and Perspectives from the IUCN-Program / Policy Development in Environment Conservation Domain: A Comparative Study of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh

Medani P. Bhandari has been serving as a Professor of inter-disciplinary Department of Natural Resource & Environment / Sustainability Studies, at the Akamai University, USA and Professor at the Department of Finance and Entrepreneurship, Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine. He holds M.A. Anthropology (Tribhuwan University, Nepal), M.Sc. Environmental System Monitoring and Analysis (ITC-The University of Twente, the Netherlands), M.A. Sustainable International Development (Brandeis University, Massachusetts, and USA), M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology (Syracuse University, NY, USA). Prof. Bhandari has spent most of his career focusing on the Sociological Theories; Environmental Sustainability; Social Inclusion, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Health Hazard; Environmental Management; Social Innovation; Developing along the way expertise in Global and International Environmental Politics, Environmental Institutions and Natural Resources Governance; Climate Change Policy and Implementation, Environmental Justice, Sustainable Development; Theory of Natural Resources Governance; Impact Evaluation of Rural Livelihood; International Organizations; Public/ Social Policy; The Non-Profit Sector; Low Carbon Mechanism; Good Governance; Climate Adaptation; REDD Plus; Carbon Financing; Green Economy and Renewable Energy; Nature, Culture and Power. Prof. Bhandari’s major teaching and research specialties include: Sociological theories and Practices; Environmental Health; Social and Environmental research methods; Social and Environmental innovation; Social and Environmental policies; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; International environmental governance; Green Economy; Sustainability and assessment of the economic, social and environmental impacts on society and nature. In brief, Prof. Bhandari has sound theoretical and practical knowledge in social science and environment science. His field experience spans across Asia, Africa, the North America, Western Europe, Australia, Japan and the Middle East. Professor Bhandari has published 4 books, and about 50 scholarly papers in international scientific journals.