Dr. Abhijit Mitra is an Associate Professor and former Head of the Dept. of Marine Science at University of Calcutta in India.He has been active in the sphere of Oceanography since 1985.His research interests are environmental science, mangrove ecology, sustainable aquaculture, alternative livelihood, climate change and carbon sequestration. Dr. Mitra obtained his Ph.D as NET qualified scholar in 1994.He joined Calcutta Port Trust and W W F (World Wide Fund), in various capacities to carry out research programs on environmental science, biodiversity conservation, climate change and carbon sequestration.Dr. Mitra is serving as the adviser of Oceanography Division of Techno India University, Kolkata. He is presently the member of several committees like PACON International, IUCN, SIOS etc.has successfully completed about 16 projects on biodiversity loss in fishery sector, coastal pollution, alternative livelihood, climate change and carbon sequestration