Dr.Yuntao Wang is an Associate Professor in Second Institute of Oceanography, China.Dr. Yuntao Wang graduated from University of Georgia with his PhD in marine science.His research includes three major topics: 1) variability of SST frontal probability in Eastern Boundary Current Systems, which discusses the spatial and temporal variability of SST front and corresponding mechanisms in upwelling system, 2) mesoscale air-sea interaction in global coastal oceans, which quantifies the coupling coefficients between SST gradient and wind stress and corresponding spatial and temporal variability, and 3) coastal hydrodynamic modelling in Georgia, U.S.A., which describe the variability of residence time, salinity and other factors over the estuaries.After pursuing his PhD, Dr. Wang worked at NOAA Fishery Office of Science and Technology as John Knauss Sea Grant Fellow in Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A. His duty included management of fishery observer.Dr. Wang starts working as an associate research fellow at State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics at Second Institute of Oceanography in Hangzhou ,China