Dr. Telat YANIK graduated from Atatürk University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science in 1988. He trained in Molecular Genetics department at Ohio state university then fish nutrition in the Natural Resources Faculty of the Ohio State University for two years, 1992-1994. He became full Professor in 2004. During his Ph.D. studies, he studied in the field of Fish Nutrition and Physiology, Aquaculture Development in Rural Areas. Worked as a visiting professor at Cobleskill University, at SUNY, New York, USA in 2006. He worked in France, Greece and Romania within the scope of European Union Projects he coordinated, Conducted bilateral cooperation projects in Belarus National Sciences Research Unit via TUBITAK, 2009. He attended FAO-NACE meeting as a representative of Turkey in Armenia, 2010, gave lectures on climate change in India, ManonmaniamSundaranar University and PSG University as a resource person. He was invited as plenary speaker to Punjab Pakistan by Punjab University and to Murmansk, Russia by Murmansk University, served as head of aquaculture department and scientific head of department. He was a member of the WAS, world aquaculture society. As part of the European Union project, which was co-organized with the IC Foundation as a coordinator, Dr. Telat YANIK, carried out studies about the application of Project based learning (PBL) method at the same time as the European universities in the Vocational High Schools at Agri İbrahim Cecen University, established collaborations in Azerbaijan and other Turkic Republics, Germany, England, Holland, Portugal, Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Italy, some of the other Europe Union countries. He visited Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran, Georgia and Morocco, and participated in various levels of activities.