Prof. Dr. Thomas Brzozowski works as a professor of human physiology and holds the position of Chairman of the Department of Physiology and is v-Dean of Medical Faculty at Jagiellonian University Medical College, Cracow, Poland. His major area of interest is physiology and pathophysiology of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract with the major focus addressed to the mechanism of GI mucosal defense, protection and ulcer healing. He was a postdoctoral NIH fellow at the University of California and Gastroenterology VA Medical Center, Irvine and Long Beach, CA, USA, and at Gastroenterology Clinics at Erlangen-Nuremberg and Munster in Germany. He published 290 original articles in the most prestigious scientific journals and 7 book chapters in the field related to the pathophysiology of GI tract, gastroprotection, ulcer healing, drug therapy of peptic ulcer, hormonal regulation of the gut, and inflammatory bowel disease.