Carol D. Ryff is Director of the Institute on Aging and HilldaleProfessor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She studies psychological well-being – how it varies by age, educational status, cultural context, and how it matters for health, including diverse disease outcomes, length of life, physiological regulation, and neural circuitry. Her model of well-being is widely used around the world – the assessment scales have been translated to more than 40 languages. Dr. Ryffis Principal Investigator of the MIDUS (Midlife in the U.S.) longitudinal study and its sister study in Japan, MIDJA (Midlife in Japan), for which she received an NIH Merit Award. MIDUS and MIDJA have become major forums for multidisciplinary health research with over 1,400 publications generated to date and more than 200 graduate studies (dissertations, theses) completed. Dr. Ryff’s scientific contributions have been recognized with the Baltes Distinguished Research Award from Division 20 of APA, the Positive Health Award from the International Network of Positive Psychology, the Murray Award from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Network for Personal Meaning, and the Matilda White Riley Award from the National Institute on Aging.