Dr. Ken H. Young is a tenured full professor in the Division of Hematopathology at the Duke University Medical Center and Duke Cancer Center. He is a clinically oriented diagnostic physician with extensive expertise in the pathologic diagnosis of hematologic cancers, including tumors of the bone marrow, lymphoid tissue, spleen, and premalignant hematologic conditions. His contributions to the hematology field include the development of novel technologies, as well as molecular and genetic biomarkers for classification in blood cancer and lymphoid diseases. Dr. Young has specialized in the diagnosis of hematological disorders, including acute and chronic leukemias, myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative neoplasms, B-cell and T-cell lymphomas, Hodgkin lymphoma, cutaneous and orbital lymphomas, and benign bone marrow and lymph node disorders. In his clinical translational and research program, Dr. Young focuses on molecular mechanisms of tumor progression, cell-of-origin, molecular and genetic biomarkers, and novel therapeutic strategies in lymphoma, myeloma, and leukemia. His goal is to explore and identify genetic and nongenetic biomarkers, including p53, Myc, Bcl-2, and Bcl-6 genes, alone or in combination with other abnormalities in DLBCL/HGBCL, that predict cancer prognosis and susceptibility. He was awarded Institute of Health/National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI) Lymphoma Award (2019-Present)