Claudio Dario Dufour received a medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Buenos Aires Associated Bernardo Houssay Hospital of Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires. After that, he also completed physician degree in Hematology at the Argentine Society of Hematology. Dr. Dufour currently serves as Associate Professor of Internal Medicine & Hematology at the Univ. of Buenos Aires, School of Medicine. Dr. Dufour holds membership in several professional societies: European Hematology Association (EHA), American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), and the International Society of Cellular Therapy (ISCT). He has two Masters: Health Management at Dr. Favaloro s University, Argentina - 2000, and Stem Cell Transplantation at University of Valencia, Spain, 2015-2016. Dr. Dufour was elected the 2014 Short Term Visiting Award EHA winner, scholarship where he developed skills in Stem cell Transplantation and Onco-hematology. He is an active honorary collaborator at AABB, working as International Cell Therapy Ambassador for Latin America (2015-2018), and as Cell Therapy Assessor since 2012 up to nowadays. He has done many trainees abroad in Stem Cell Transplantation: University of California (UCI) 1995; N. York Cord Blood Bank 2002, Barcelona Banc de Sang i Teixits 2005; LifeBank Vancouver, Canada 2011, and Hematology & SCT Unit, Clinic Hospital Valencia, Spain (2015) Dr. Dufour has activities in Quality Management programs as ISO 9001 internal auditor for Bureau Veritas Argentina, and he has activities as Advisor in Cell Therapy in Argentina. Since February 2020 he was elected as Cellular Therapies Scientific Chairman at the International Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine. His areas of interest include Stem Cell Transplantation, Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine, Multiple Myeloma, New Drugs Development, Cord Blood Banking, pre & pos grade Educational Activities, and Quality Management.