5th World Congress and Expo on Immunology

Theme: New Challenges and Emerging Issues in Immunology

Date : November 16-17 Venue : Budapest, Hungary

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline May 28, 2020
Early Bird Registration Deadline March 25, 2020
Standard Registration Deadline May 25, 2020
On-Spot Registrations Deadline November 16, 2020
Conference Overview

Global Immunology market is expected to reach a market value of US $143.8 billion by 2026 exhibiting a compound annual growth rate of 8.1 percent. Increasing demand for immunology drugs due to high prevalence of immunological disorders, increasing awareness among world population about the severity of such disorders, and the efficiency of immunology drugs and contributing to better patient outcomes are some of the important factors that influence growth in this industry.

To increase awareness about interactive approaches to basic science and to foster discovery of new treatments and diagnostic tests for better patient outcomes, Scientific Federation is organizing the 5th World Congress and Expo on Immunology during November 16-17, 2020 in Budapest, Hungary. It will bring together young and celebrated researchers to learn about latest research and technologies in related fields and to learn beyond their field of interest. The theme of the conference is New Challenges and Emerging Issues in Immunology.

The conference aims to advance the knowledge of fundamental mechanisms that cause and regulate inflammation and immune response and fosters discovery of new treatments and diagnostic tests. It will attract a wide range of internationally recognized experts including eminent scientists, researchers, students, faculty members, policy makers, industry leaders, healthcare associates, healthcare practitioners, members of associations and business professionals with diverse areas of specialization and provides a platform for knowledge sharing between the participants.

Immunology 2020 will include inspiring and informative plenary speeches, keynote talks, academic discussions, technical workshops, an exhibition and many academic and social events that promote knowledge sharing between the participants and highlight current research trends in immunology while focusing on challenges and proposing solutions. We hope this conference will encourage presentation of groundbreaking research in immunology and paves way for future research in this direction.

We look forward to welcoming you to Immunology 2020 in Budapest.




Conference Venue
  1. > Clinical and Cellular Immunology
  2. > Tumor and Cancer Immunology
  3. > Neuro Immunology and Neuro Disorders
  4. > Infectious Diseases and Immune System
  5. > Autoimmunity and Therapathies
  6. > Vaccines and Vaccination
  7. > Antibodies and Bio Therapeutics
  8. > Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases
  9. > Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology
  10. > Molecular Biology
  1. > Drug Delivery
  2. > Autoimmune Disease
  3. > Tumors
  4. > HIV AIDS, STDs & STIs
  5. > Skin, Drug, ENT and Food Allergy
  6. > Gastrointestinal Immunology and Allergy
  7. > Cytokines & Ocular Allergy
  8. > Pediatric Immunology and Immune Tolerance
  9. > Immuno Genetics and Immuno Genomics
  10. > Immunodermatology
  1. > Neuro & Mucosal Immunology
  2. > Rheumatology
  3. > TB Vaccines
  4. > Virology and Vaccine Development
  5. > Biotherapeutics and Immunization
  6. > Cardiovascular Immunology
  7. > Plant Immunology
  8. > Technological Innovations in Immunology
  9. > Nutritional Immunity
  10. > Reproductive and Behavioral Immunology
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