Mark is an experienced technology entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of RoadBotics, which is further developing a CMU technology that created a smartphone road inspection tool for diagnosing road defects. By utilizing the latest technological advances in machine vision and machine learning, the technology has the potential to one day rapidly identify road issues at a massive scale and an affordable price. Prior to RoadBotics, Mark co-founded and was Executive Chairman of kWantix, an energy hedge fund (acquired by Moody Aldrich Hedge Fund). He also co-founded and was CEO of kWantera, a GE Ventures-backed energy predictive analytics company. Previously, Mark was CEO of Think Through Learning, a venture-backed online tutoring company (acquired by Imagine Learning) and US Managing Director of ANGLE Technology, PLC, a UK-based venture capital firm and consultancy. Mark co-founded and serves as a director to several other venture-backed tech firms.