Poster Presentations


Adriana Estokova

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Title: Experimental Study of Risk of Slag-based Concrete Regarding Chromium Leachability


Eva Singovszka

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Title: Evaluation of Metal Pollution of Sediments in Eastern Slovakia


Magdalena Balintova

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Title: Physical-chemical Analysis of Precipitates after Oxidation of Acid Mine Drainage


John X. Wang

National Institute of Quantum Computing, USA

Title: Nanomaterials for On-Chip Quantum Computing


A. Ayeshamariam

Khadir Mohideen College, India

Title: Modifying Optical Properties Of Transparent Semiconducting Oxides (TSO) Films Prepared By a Novel And Low Cost Jet Nebulizer Spray (JNS) Pyrolysis Technique


Beatriz Montano-Leyva

Universidad de Sonora, Mexico

Title: Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) and wheat straw fibers biocomposites produced by co-grinding: Processing and mechanical behavior


Jie Jin

Loughborough University, UK

Title: Transfer of Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene in Polymer


Himkusha Thakur

Panjab University, India

Title: Electrochemical Characterisation and Determination of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis by Voltammetry at Polymer Nanocomposite modified Platform


Refat Abdel-Hamid

University of Sohag, Egypt

Title: A sensitive Poly(gallic-acid)/Multi-walled carbon nanotube/glassy carbon electrode based electrochemical sensor for determination of total phenolic compounds in pomegranate juice


Wenchao Tian

Xidian University, China

Title: Mechanical properties research on Ti84Mo16 porosity alloy


L. Dekhil

Universite Badji Mokhtar, Algeria

Title: Characterization of nanostructured Ni60-Cr40 alloy obtained by high energy ball milling


B. Bouledroua M. A

LarbiTebessi University, Algeria



Cleo Choong

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Title: Natural Materials for Tissue Engineering applications: A waste-to-resource strategy


Danica Fazekasova

University of Presov in Presov, Slovak Republic

Title: The effect of natural substance HUMAC Enviro on reducing the concentration of copper and mercury in contaminated soils


Eva Michaeli

Univesity of Presov, Slovak Republic

Title: Landfill waste from the production of nickel near former nickel smelter in the Slovak Republic and impact on the environment


Jose A. Tapia-Hernandez

University of Sonora,Mexico

Title: Effect of Physicochemical and Rheological Propertiesof Wheat Gluten Suspensions in the Obtaining Micro- and Nanoparticles by Eletrospray Technique


Koki Sato

Kagoshima University, Japan

Title: Preparation of Cationic Chitin Nanofiber/Anionic Polymer Composite Materials


Yasuhiro Habu

Kagoshima University, Japan

Title: Preparation of Thermoplastic Cellulose Film Using Ionic Liquid


Nadya Stankova

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Title: Characterization of Noble Metal/TiO2 Nanostructures for Plasmon-Enhanced Photon Harvesting in Photovoltaics


Sadeq Hani Lafta

UOT, Iraq

Title: Effect of Ni Content on Structural and Magnetic Propertiesof Li-Ni Ferrites Nanostructure Prepared by HydrothermalMethod



Kagoshima University,Japan

Title: Complex Formation of Chitosan Stereoisomer with Anionic Polymers


Keisho Iimori

Kagoshima University, Japan

Title: Surface Modification and Material Processing of Self-assembled Chitin N Nanofibers


Ryotaro Baba

Kagoshima University, Japan

Title: Precision Synthesis of Non-natural Heteropolysaccharides by Enzymatic Polymerization


Taiji Jodoi

Kagoshima University, Japan

Title: Precision Synthesis of Thiol-functionalized Polysaccharides by Phosphorylase-catalyzed Enzymatic Reaction


Dr. Kuniharu USHIJIMA

Tokyo University of Science, JAPAN

Title: Estimation of effective elastic modulus of structures composed of three parts


Dr. A. Mosbah

Laboratoire d'Etude des surfaces et Interfaces des Matériaux Solides (LESIMS), Algeria

Title: Influence of film thickness on the Properties of Al Doped ZnO Thin Films



M'sila University, Algeria

Title: Optical properties of CuAlTe2-based solar cells: First-principles investigations via mBJLDA approach


Dr. Nadjet Aklouche

University of Setif, Algeria

Title: Densification of spinel and mullite ceramic composites


Dr. S. Benkara

Oum El Bouaghi University, Algeria

Title: Study of structural, morphological and optical, properties Of Fe doped SnO2 semiconductor thin films prepared by sol-gel technique


Dr. Ke Jian

National University of Defense Technology, P.R.China

Title: Mechanical and anti-oxidation properties of 2D Cf/SiC-Si composites prepared by polymer-infiltration-pyrolysis route


Dr. Y. Saidi

Department of Physics, Faculty of Exact Sciences University of Constantine 1, Algeria

Title: Effect of Temperature on (IV) Statics Characteristics of GaAs Mesfet


Dr. Evgheni Jucov

New Mexico Highlands University, USA

Title: X-ray Analysis of New Donor-Acceptor Charge-Transfer Co-Crystals for Charge-Transport and Ferroelectric Applications


Dr. Changwei Shao

National University of Defense Technology, China

Title: Structure Evolution during the Nitridation of Cross-linked Polycarbosilane Fiber


Dr. Mohamed Youssry

Qatar University, Qatar

Title: Dispersions of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by non-covalent functionalization using anionic surfactants


Dr. Ayoub Esmailpour

Shahid RajaeeTeacher Training University, Iran

Title: Effect of gap fluctuations on conductance of monolayer and bilayer grapheme super lattices


Dr. El Azrak Abdellatif

Universite Hassan II de Casablanca, Morocco

Title: Optical properties of the high-Tc superconductor thin films


Mr. Kuan-Lin Lee

National Taipei University of Technology Taipei, Taiwan

Title: Manufacture and photoluminescent properties of molybdate phosphors


Dr. Soheil Sayyahi

Islamic Azad University, Iran

Title: Fe3O4 nanoparticles-supported acidic ionic liquid as a heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of benzimidazole and benzoxazole derivatives