Rabindra Nath Das is a Professor in the Department of Statistics,The University of Burdwan,Burdwan,West Bengal,India. He holds Ph. D in Statistics,from Burdwan University and Post-Doc from Seoul National University,Seoul, Korea. He has authored about 85 research articles,and along with a research Monograph entitled- Robust Response Surfaces,Regression and Positive Data Analyses published from CRC Press,Taylor and Francis,Chapman and Hall. He wrote research articles on Design of experiments,Regression Analysis,Demography,Quality Engineering,Epidemiology,Medical sciences,Environmental,Natural sciences etc. His special area of interest is on Design of experiments,Regression analysis,Quality Engineering and Epidemiology.Based on these research works, he has published a Research Monograph. He has already published 85 research articles on the above areas. In every area, he has at least one research article. He is trying to develop many areas