In this report, TiO2 nanoparticles in liquid crystal and homogeneous alignment layer polyimide (PI) were prepared for hybrid aligned nematic (HAN) liquid crystal displays. The cells did not have any alignment layer on the top glass substrates and only had homogeneous alignment layer on the bottom substrates. The experimental results have shown that, by different concentrations of TiO2 nanoparticles, the liquid crystal pretilt angle could be controlled over the wide range of 0� to 90�. When the concentration was 0.5203 wt%, the intermediate pretilt angle at about 49� was successfully obtained. However, when the concentration of TiO2 increased, the optical transmittance was somewhat decreased. The maximum transmittance was lower than those of the HAN mode control cell samples and the OCB mode control cell samples by about 45% and 38%, respectively. In addition, the fast response time of the higher TiO2 concentration cell samples could be improved to 17.6 ms. This work was supported in part by research grants MOST105-2221-E182-059-MY3 and NERPD2E0481