Introduction: Pancreatic cancer(PC) represents a fatal tumor with a high mortality and poor prognosis. These outcomes can be attributed a lack of early diagnosis and inability to detect pre-cancerous pancreatic intraductal neoplastic (PanIN) lesions. Currently, no clinically reliable biosensing systems for early detection at an early stage of pancreatic cancer are available. Thus, it�s urgent to develop a biosensing system which can fast and accurately diagnose PC. So far, the carbohydrate antigen (CA19-9)approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the most common biomarker used for several decades. However, it has limited value in diagnosis of early stages of PC. Mucin1 (MUC1), a cell surface associated protein, is an emerging biomarker associated with early development of PC. Therefore, we develop an end-to-end gold nanorod(GNR)-based biosensing system modified with anti-CA19-9 antibody and MUC1 aptamer for detecting CA19-9 and MUC1simultaneously using the UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy in this study