Recently, the fabrication methods of highly transparent and flexible silver-nanowire (AgNW) have attracted attention to employ diverse applications. Typically, AgNW is oxidized under air environment or low temperature annealing process. Moreover, AgNW is also aggregated under high temperature processing, which the conductivity is decreased. Here, we demonstrated an ultrathin passivation layer of the In-Zn-O film by using the facing-targets sputtering method. The facing-targets sputtering (FTS) is consisted with an unique position of faced two targets each other and the substrate is vertically located from two targets. Based on this concept, low-kinetic energy based sputtered ions could reach the surface of the substrate, and form smooth and high-density films at low temperature (below 50�C). As a result, we efficiently formed the ultrathin In-Zn-O film on the AgNW networks without any electrical degradation and demonstrated high thermal stability of up to 300�C