Prof. Saad Issa Sarsam was born in Baghdad (1955), got his BSc. Degree in Civil Engineering (1977); Post graduate Diploma in Transportation Engineering (1978); MSc in Transportation Engineering (1980). Worked as senior material Engineer for NCCL (National center for construction laboratories) (1982-1988); Served as Director of NCCL- Mosul, (1988-1992). Joined the academic staff at University of Mosul(1992-2005) andat University of Baghdad(2005)and got the Professor degree at (2007). Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, (2016-2018).Published six books and 275 research papers. Member of editorial board and reviewer of nine international scientific journals. Supervised 45 MSc Thesis and participated in 50 national and international scientific conferences.Consultant engineer for Ministry of Industry and Military Manufacturing, FAW General Directory (1989-1990). Worked as consultant engineer for Mosul Municipality on urban road resurfacing and construction (2001-2003).Consultant engineer for quality control on rehabilitation of Mosul International Hotel (2004). Consultant engineer for middle Euphrates international airport (2011-2013). Consultant engineer for the state company for implementation of transportation facilities, Ministry of transportation (2011-2014).Consultant engineer for NCCLR, Baghdad (2011-2015).Consultant engineer for AFM Group-Switzerland, Baghdad international airport rehabilitation (2014). Consultant engineer for ministry of transport (2017). Areas of specialization and interest (Airport Engineering; Nano materials in asphalt pavement, Roller compacted concrete; Modified asphalt concrete; Asphalt stabilized embankment models; Road user characteristics).