Aleksandr Urakov graduated from Izhevsk State Medical Institute and in 1977 joined the research of the laboratory of Biophysics of Mitochondrial Processes Institute of Biophysics RASin Pushchino-on-Oka. After receiving the degree of candidate and doctor of medical Sciences in the field of pharmacology at the Kazan State Medical Institute, he was elected head of the Department of Pharmacology of the Izhevsk State Medical Institute in 1988 in Izhevsk. In 2007 he was accepted as a researcher of the Department of Thermo-deformation Processes of the Institute of Mechanics of the Ural branch of the RAS in Izhevsk. In 2017 he was appointed as a senior researcher, and in 2019 - a leading researcher of the Department of Modeling and Synthesis of Technological Structures of the Udmurt Federal Research Center in Izhevsk.The specialized research area of Prof. Urakov is the development of new cosmetics and hygienic means based on physical and chemical properties, including agents that dissolve, bleachof blood clots, spots of pus and food pollutants.Recently, Professor Urakov invented an epoch-making method for emergency bleaching of traces of blood, pus and food residues and opened a new group of drugs, which was called oxygen-alkaline bleaching cleaners. In addition, he developed several original methods of diagnosis of various diseases using infrared thermography and he invented the winter sniper rifle and the winter Kalashnikov rifle. In 2015 he was accepted as a member of the European Association of Thermology.His R & D activity is complemented by over 360 papers and review articles in International Journals & Conference, and over 3.000 citations by other researchers. Furthermore, he obtained 220 Russian Patents. In particular, he discovered a calluses disease of the lips and cheeks caused by braces, and invented a decorative sticker to cover the braces on the dentitionfor the prevention of this disease.