I got my Ph.D. in Special Zoology, with specialization in biochemical parasitology, from The University of Madras, India. After my Ph.D., I moved to Japan and did postdoctoral training in molecular biology of Mycobacterium leprae at National Institute of Leprosy Research, Tokyo. I then, undertook a postdoctoral research position at UT Health Science Center, San Antonio where I did research in different areas like molecular and physiological basis of preeclampsia (hypertension in pregnancy); oxygen toxicity in lung, intracellular calcium signaling during oocyte maturation and bone metabolism in relation to menopause and aging. Currently, my research focuses mainly on identifying nutritional supplements and alternative medicines that can treat or prevent bone loss using animal models. In addition, I am also interested in studying bone metabolism related changes in diabetes and cancer as well. My goal is to find alternative medicines that will have less or no side-effects and will serve as good bone forming and/or anti bone resorbing agents. I moved to UTPA in 2012 to take up a teaching position. I teach Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Nutrition and Research Methods in Dietetics and Introduction to Clinical Nutrition.