Professor Marlena Kruger is Professor of Nutritional Physiology and Associate Dean Higher Degree Research for the College of Health at Massey University, New Zealand. Dr Kruger has spent time in Germany on a DAAD scholarship after her PhD which was obtained in 1986, and was also appointed as post-doctoral fellow in biochemistry at the University of Texas at Austin, USA in the same year. She was later recruited to the Department of Physiology at University of Pretoria in 1991, to set up a bone research laboratory with the focus on fatty acids and bone health. Marlena migrated to New Zealand and started at Massey University in April 2000 where her role was to help establish bone research in the university. She progressed at Massey University to Associate Professor in 2002, Director of the Division of Human Nutrition, and was also promoted to her current position as Chair in Nutritional Physiology in 2005. Professor Kruger has over 190 book chapters, proceedings and publications in international peer reviewed journals. Her group’s expertise includes cell based models for bone and joint health research, preclinical models and human nutritional intervention trials. Her current research focus is nutrition and bone and joint health with an emphasis on lipids, dairy foods, marine extracts and polyphenols..