MANUEL MULERO VALENZUELA did his Aeronautical Engineer. ( Aircrafts, Missiles and Aero Engines) Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Aeronáuticos (ETSIA). UPM in 1971. His current position was Head in Communications and Business Development (Rtd. in May 2017). Subdirectorate for Institutional Relations and Commercial Policy and Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA). He is a Project Leader of the Member State for the EU Twinning Strengthening of the State Space Agency's of Ukraine (SSAU) Institutional Capacity to Implement European Space Programmes in Satellite Navigation (EGNOS / Galileo) and Remote Sensing (GMES) (Period: Sept: 2013 to Feb: 2016) and he is a Vice President of the Spanish Association for RPAS.He had his work experience since 1971.He got so many Honors and Merits like Medal to the Space Merit (Yangel Medal) from the Ucrainian Government: 2015. Cross for the Aeronautical Merit in White Distinctive. First National Award AENA Foundation (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), 1996. Panel Member of NATO STO (SET) until 2017. Panel Member since 1985 at the former AGARD (PEP, AVT). He is a Member of ICAS Program Committee (PC). He got Prize for Sisteplant-Innovation. and he is a Former Member of SPIE. Manuel Mulero Valenzuela is a Promoter and Director of numerous advanced Programmes on: Infrared Signatures, IR Flares and Vulnerability analysis, First RPA System in Spain, Project Director of Spanish participation in GALILEO GNSS and areas such as Propulsion, Cobustion and Air Pollution