Diode lasers and their applications

Session Committee
Session Chair

Chair : Prof. Paul Michael Petersen, Head of Research, Professor Diode Lasers and LED Systems DTU Fotonik, Denmark

Biography :

Paul Michael Petersen is Full Professor in New Light Sources at the Technical University of Denmark. His research focuses on lasers, LEDs and biomedical optics. P. M. Petersen has authored more than 150 international scientific publications and holds 15 patents. P. M. Petersen is chairman of DOLL – a Photonics Green lab that tests and develops new lighting technology based on LED and diode laser technologies. From 2002 until 2012 he was appointed adjunct professor in Optics at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University.

Topics Covered by the Workshop

Broad area and tapered diode lasers

External cavity diodes laser

Nonlinear frequency conversion of diode lasers

Nonlinear interaction in diode lasers

Phase locking of diode lasers

Medical and industrial applications of diode lasers