Integrated photonics for sensing

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Session Committee
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Chair : Sergio Nicoletti, Optical Sensor Devices Group

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Nowadays, optical detection is one of the core technologies for sensing delivering unattained performances in accuracy, selectivity, sensitivity and lifetime. Optical sensing can address a variety of applications in a variety of fields spanning from consumer electrics, chemical detection, emission monitoring and process control to public safety, aviation and defense. With the advent of Mid-IR Si photonics, a novel class of integrated components is developed. The integration at chip level of the main building blocks allows to reduce size and power consumption while improving the overall performances. This Symposium aims to explore novel photonics technologies that drive the development of high-end sensors and sensing systems based on the combination of advanced MEMS/MOEMS technologies, photonic integrated circuits (PIC), silicon, germanium and III-V hybrid and heterogeneous integration.

Topics Covered by the Symposium

PICs technologies for sensing from UV to Visible, IR and THz

New integrated technologies for sensing and spectroscop

Sensor integration and packaging

Optical technologies in real-time/portable/high-end applications

New Frontiers in optical sensing