The light emitters of green, blue, UV, and white.

Session Committee
Session Chair

Chair : Prof. Takashi Matsuoka, Tohoku University, Japan

Invited speakers for Workshop
Category Title Name Affiliation Country Content
Transistor Prof. Oliver Ambacher IAF Germany General comment
Dr. Kozo Makiyama Fujitsu Limited Japan HEMT on SiC for base station of cellar phone
Dr. Tetsuzo Ueda Panasonic Japan HEMT of GaN
Dr. Takashi Nakabayashi Sumitomo Electric Japan HEMT of GaN
Dr. Akito Kuramata TAMURA CORPORATION Japan HEMT on Ga2O3
Prof. Umesh. K. Mishra UCSB USA HEMT of GaN
UV-LED Dr. Hideki Hirayama RIKEN Japan  
Prof. Satoshi Kamiyama Meijo Univ. Japan  
Prof. Ashif Khan South California Univ. USA  
    UV Craftory Co.,Ltd. Japan
blue/green LED and LD Dr. Takashi Mukai NICHIA CORPORATION Japan all of this theme
Dr. Yoshiki Saitoh TOYODA GOSEI Japan UV-LED
Osram Germany
Substrate Emritus Prof. Tsuguo Fukuda Fukuda Crystal Laboratory Japan Bulk crystal for GaN
Prof. Michal Bockowski Institute of High Pressure Physics Poland  
Associate Prof. Tomoyuki Tanikawa Tohoku Univ. Japan Observation of dislocation by novel technique
Epitaxial Growth Prof. Zlatko Sitar North Carolina State Univ. USA AlGaN
Dr. Shigeyuki Kuboya Tohoku Univ. Japan InAlN
Prof. Yoshinao Kumagai Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan HVPE of AlN
Prof. Hisashi Murakami Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan Trihalide vapor phase epitaxy: GaN and InGaN
Ion Implantation Dr. Sergei Kucheyev Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory USA Ion Implantation
Call for Papers :

Nitride semiconductors InGaAlN is developing for the applications from switching devices such as transistors pf HEMTs to light emitting devices of LEDs and LDs. Transistors are strongly expected in the field of high power, high voltage, and high frequency. In the part of base stations for cellar phones, HEMTs have been applied. For these applications, we have to fabricate native substrates and to improve the crystalline quality of epitaxial films. These applications and efforts are indispensable fro the sustainable society. In this workshop, we discuss the crystal growth, material properties, devices, and their applications..