Novel techniques in TeraHertz imaging, spectroscopy and sensing

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Date : April-19-2018

Conference Chair : Dr. Pengda Hong, Lehigh University,

Conference Committee : Prof. Michael Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,

Conference Committee

Invited Speaker : Dr. Faustino Wahaia, Universidade do Porto,

Invited Speaker : Prof. Dook van Mechelen, ABB Switzerland Ltd,

Invited Speaker : Prof. Michael Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,

Invited Speaker : Prof. MinSup Hur, UNIST,

Invited Speaker : Dr. İlhami Ünal, TÜBİTAK MAM,

Call for Papers :

This workshop concentrates on the most recent development in the field of THz for imaging, spectroscopy and sensing and their applications in industry, academy and daily life. THz wavelength region is an active area for imaging research and instrumentation. THz radiation is capable of penetrating most of nonmetallic materials and allows THz devices and systems in mapping the interior structures and the layer structure of lots of observed objects. Compared to other techniques, such as X-ray and other optical imaging techniques, THz technique has advantage to be nondestructive. Furthermore, THz spectroscopy provides most unique molecular vibrational fingerprint for detection and sensing, such feature can be utilized in security surveillance. This workshop comprises solicited and unsolicited presentations from world-leading groups in the recent developments of innovative THz source and detection and the associated systems for imaging, spectroscopy and sensing.

Topics Covered by the Workshop

This workshop calls for presentations includes following topics, but not limited to:

Physics investigation in THz generation and detection mechanics

Novel THz emitter and detection technique, either by optics approach or electronics tool

Advances in THz imaging and spectroscopy

High power THz source

Stand-off detection and sensing

Miniaturization of THz systems

Applications in industry, academy and daily life

Conference Venue

The conference will be held in Hotel Mercure Roma West Viale Eroi di Cefalonia, 301, 00128 Roma RM, Italy Phone: +39 06 5083 4111