Photonic Technologies

Session Committee
Session Chair

Chair : Igor K. Meshkovskiy, Director of the Research Center "Light Guide Photonics". ITMO University, Russia

Main topics:

PRecording and application of the Bragg gratings.

NLaser Separation of the Substance Components.

Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSEL), their Technology and Applications.

Methods for Creation of the Light Sources Synthesizing Necessary Spectral, Polarization, and Coherent Properties of Radiation.

Integrated Optical Components of Photonics.

Biography :

Professor Igor K. Meshkovskiy Honored science worker. Founder of the University’s School of Thought “Physics and Technology of the Light Guide Photonics”. Leader of a Joint International Laboratory of Silicon and Fiber Photonics & Microsystems Photonics. Research interests in: Inscription of periodic phase structures into optical fibers through the protective coating. Development of fiber optic monitoring systems (development of precision fiber-optic gyroscopes and fiber acousto-optic spectral sensors, including cables, for sea and land monitoring systems). Methods of molecular separation with use of the nanoporous membranes including the photonic methods.