6th Global Summit & Expo on
Laser Optics and Photonics-2020

Theme: Elevate Latest Inventions in Laser Optics and Photonics

Date : August 17-18, 2020 Venue : Miami,USA

Important Announcement

Due to global impact of COVID-19 outbreak, we will be conducting a webinar of this conference, so that all the attendees can see the proceedings of this event online. A webinar of this event will be conducted on July 24-25, 2020

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Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline June 26, 2020
Early Bird Registration Deadline August 25, 2019
Standard Registration Deadline July 17, 2020
On-Spot Registrations Deadline August 17, 2020
Conference Overview


With the successful journey of 5th Global Summit & Expo on Laser Optics and Photonics 2019 conference conducted in Dubai, UAE.  Scientific Federation planned to continue its 6th Global Summit & Expo on Laser Optics and Photonics in Miami, USA during August 17-18, 2020.

Scientific Federation conducting a Forum of 6th Global Summit & Expo on Laser Optics and Photonics. A Consortium which has given a vast contribution to the world in terms of organizing several conferences, having a program involving highly qualified people from all around the world to share a Tremendous knowledge by taking an active part in the presentations, Talks, Workshops and Exhibitions.

On this Felicitous occasion, Scientific Federation invites the participants from all over the globe to take part in the 6th Global summit & expo on Laser Optics and Photonics at Miami, USA. This event will have world level (Highly specified class) Plenary speakers, established Keynote speakers, active Invited speakers and Fresh Contributed speakers, Delegates. In addition, the variety of poster presentations along with workshops and special sessions would be interested in the audience.

The field of Lasers, Optics and Photonics have not only helped the development in different fields in Science and Technology but also contributed towards the improvement of the quality of human life to a great extent. All this has become possible with the different discoveries and inventions leading to the development of various applications.

The core aim of Optics 2020 conference is to provide an opportunity for the Delegates to meet, interact and exchange new ideas in the various fields of Lasers, Optics and Photonics. This is the best opportunity to reach the largest Conglomeration of participants from the Universities, Colleges, Research Centers, Societies, Institutions, Labs, Associations, Communities and Companies etc. We want to make a worldwide meet in which data between Researchers from the different controls can be effectively traded. The joy of attending Optics-2020 brings with Enhancement and Progressive growth in your approach to do things, in the wide ranging manner to see things in international diversity.

We are looking forward to meet you at Optics-2020 in Miami, USA.

Conference Venue
  1. Biomedical Optics
  2. Optics and Lasers in Medicine
  3. Optoelectronics and Optical communications in Networking
  4. Advancements in Photonics NanoPhotonics and BioPhotonics
  5. Quantum Science and Technologies in Lasers, Optics and Photonics
  6. Fiber Optics,Fiber Laser Technology and Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy
  7. Optical Physics and Optical Metrology
  8. Optics in Astronomy and Astrophysics
  9. Optical Imaging and Sensing
  10. Microwave Photonics
  11. Laser ultrasonics techniques and applications
  12. Linear Optics and Nonlinear Optics
  1. Industrial Applications of Laser
  2. Fibre Optic Communications
  3. Terahertz Optics and Photonics
  4. Optical Engineering
  5. Ultrafast and ultra-intense lasers, Optical parametric amplification
  6. Physics and Applications
  7. Applications and Technologies of Laser in Medical Field
  8. X-Ray Lasers and Coherent X-Ray Sources
  9. Laser Acceleration of Electrons, Protons and Ions
  10. Nanophotonics and Micro/Nano Optics
  11. Micro-structured and Specialty Optical Fibres Holography
  12. Optics and transport on 2D materials
  1. Optics and Light in Life Science
  2. Fiber Optics Transmission Technology
  3. Latest Technologies in Lasers, Optics and Photonics
  4. IR applications
  5. Diamond based Photonics
  6. Lasers in Dentistry
  7. Lasers in Ophthalmology
  8. Surface Enhanced Terahertz Spectroscopy
  9. Photonic Crystal Materials and Devices
  10. Silicon Photonics
  11. NeuroPhotonics
  12. Optical Fiber
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