D.KABEYA NAHUMis a Potential Researcher on coupled problems of free energies in physics of contacts and in electro-thermo-hydrodynamic engineering. He develops, by the h-p Finite Element Method and Finite Volume Method, the analytic model of Interfaces’ thermo-mechanic behavior in Mechanical Engineering.He served as Assistant Professor at French American University in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and He is currently Head of the Department of Engineering at the Academy of Sciences and Engineering for Africa Development, ASEAD where He also work as a Project Consultant in Corrosion Prevention for Mining and Oil & Gas industries.He has developed a bi-phasic Solar Cooling System to a conservative energy and contributed to the green waste transformation process and its application in thermal machines (FAEO-UNESCO 2017). Member of Organizing Commission of Tuning Academy in DRC. He also served as a Technical Manager for Automotive Industry Innovation and Integrated Training of General Motors Friendship Association (GMFA, DR Congo 2014).