Silvia Pennington is a Physical Therapist graduated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has developed in the fields of neurophysical rehabilitation, traumatological and sports injuries. She has been a speaker in sports injury prevention seminar at the High-Performance Sports Center of Argentina, showing the importance of the cephalic position in the sporting gesture. Silvia has worked with Dr. Javier Maquirriainmaking valuable contributions in his study for publishing the Journal of Medicine and Science in Tennis. Eighteen years ago,she graduated from the postgraduate degree in Postural Correction Techniques and found a great interest in the re-education and awareness of the posture, she made improvements in Pilates Mat Therapeutic, Postural Training, Stretching, and Alexander Technique. Today she is the founder and director of the back-school project, carrying out global postural reeducation treatments using all the tools acquired in her preparation and experience. She also works with young sportsmen by implementing the Alexander Technique in the practice and training field of various sports practices.